7 Great Balloons Game Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

7 Great Balloons Game Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Balloons are playful and we all enjoy playing with it. But have you planned to play the games with balloons? Yet not, let us find you the great balloons games you can play with your friends. You can plan this balloons activity in friend’s get-together, birthday party or in graduation celebration following a balloons theme. If you are not finding the right source to get balloons decoration please call us for same day balloons delivery.

  1. Balloons Blow-Up Race

It is a funny race every friend would love to take part. If you have a small space one by one two friends can play this race. Each one has to tie the balloons in between the legs on knee area. Draw racing lines and end lines. One has to run through racing lines without bursting or dropping the balloon. Whoever reaches to the end race line faster with balloon is become the winner of the game. For kids, let’s make it easy. Kids have to run with holding balloon. Whoever reaches faster at the end line is the winner of this game.

  1. Water Balloon Fight


It is the best game to hit the hottest summer season. You can play this game with as many friends you can. Fill the swimming pool with water balloons. Yes you need water balloons before the time. Divide equal numbers of balloons to each group of same numbers. Now let them stand in the opposite sides to each other. Once whistle blows up to “go” everyone has to throw a balloon to opposite party. It’s a kind of game but at the end of the game everyone enjoying getting cooling comfort out of sunny day.

  1. Balloon Finger Balance

This is a tricky game and it is not the game of all age. Teenage and adults can handle this game. You need two inflated balloons tied on both end sides of stick. One has to put the middle of the stick on one finger. One has to balance both sides and let not drop the balloons stick down. Whoever holds for more time becomes the winner of this game.

  1. Balloon Darts

It’s a fun game and kids would love to play it again and again. Inflate balloons and stick it to the cardboard. Now you need darts to pop it. Each one will be given three chances to pop maximum three balloons at one time. You can make it harder to adults by placing the number or color balloons. Each has to specifically pop the balloons told to dart. Who pops more balloons should be rewarded with prize.

  1. Balloon Painting

This will help making the kids busy. It is also a good exercise for toddler to know about the colors and shapes. You need inflated balloons around 20 to 30. Kids are allowed to dip the balloons in paint and make a painting on card stock. Children can make outstanding designs using circular shape of balloons.

  1. Balloon Candy Hunt

A winner of this game is rewarded with lots of candies. Insert lot of candies in one balloon and inflate it. Now hide this balloon in secret space. You need to give a clue to this on hand written notes or symbols. Whoever finds it earlier pops the balloons and enjoys melting candies in mouth. The second trick is tie a string on the balloons end face. it should not be so close. Kids have to jump and catch that string. Whoever gets the string of candy filled balloon is the winner of this game.

  1. Keep Balloons Moving

You need a big space like garden or big hall for making such type of activity. Football players can easily win this game. For others it is a great challenge to keep moving the balloon in the air. Whoever drops the balloons is out of this game. You have been given one minute to keep floating balloon in air. Children and adults both can take part in this game

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There are endless balloons games in the play zone. Here are some popular, eco friendly and hilarious games to play with family and friends. it costs nothing but you get so much out of this fun activity. You can plan such type of balloons game in kid’s party and adult celebrations too. No age bar is restricted to play above games. All can enjoy and have it during the celebration time. So if you are near to celebrate the special occasion, don’t forget to arrange the balloons games in party.

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