Jeffrey Breault – Simple Tips for Racing Cars Fast

Jeffrey Breault is the Vice President of the Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita. He is passionate about cars and automotive racing. Jeffrey Breault never misses automotive racing events, and in his spare time, he loves listening to country music. Automotive racing is exciting and fun. However, the drivers of racing vehicles have to be aware of certain safety tips when on the track. You should note that driving a regular car and driving a racing car is not the same thing. Experts in the field, say that you should be aware of the racing circuit and get trained on the latest techniques when you wish to excel in the field of car racing.

Understand the basics of fast car racing

Jeff Breault says that when it comes to car racing, most people believe it is simple. However, this is a misconception that most people should shirk off. When it comes to car racing, one must note that just exerting pressure on the pedal of the car and speeding around an empty track is not car racing. There is more to car racing than this. There are several drivers with different levels of experience, and when it comes to racing a car correctly, you must be professionally trained in the field by skilled drivers.

The importance of being smooth on the tracks

As a professional racing driver on the racing track, you should make sure that the movements are smooth. Here, driving smooth does not mean going slow. It means focusing on the car and its movements. You need to know what the car is doing rather than not upsetting the balance of the car. If you focus on your skills on becoming a smooth driver, you effectively can drive the car faster.

Driving the car at a specific length

Experts say you must know where the car is going and where you are in order to be a fast driver. They advise you to drive the car at least the distance of two vehicles as this helps you to steer the car to where you want it to go faster.

Holding the steering wheel at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions

Most car racing drivers hold the steering wheel at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions for fast driving. However, these are not the right positions for drivers to hold the wheel. These positions are good for performance driving; however, when it comes to driving fast on the racing track switching to the 3 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions work wonders.

Jeffrey Breault adds last but not the least; you should apply the brakes late when you are driving on a fast track. In case you snap on the brakes at once, chances are the vehicle will turn over. You will lose control of the car, and the wheels of the vehicle will lock up. A time duration of waiting for just 1 to 2 seconds should be applied to brakes on a racing track.

New Yamaha FZ FI features and specifications with on road price

With the transition in lifestyle or technology, the passion of bikes is increasing in youngsters. Hence by looking all this stuff or calculating the market scenario companies are trying to launch the best products to continue the zeal. Talking about the oldest or most popular brand, i.e. Yamaha has always attracted individuals by adding innovative features to their bikes. Hence we can say that ample of the population wants to stay stick with Yamaha models when talking about price and other specifications.

Yamaha FZ FI:

While looking on to the popularity of Yamaha FZ FI model, it can be easily noticed that the company has set a benchmark my producing back to back Yamaha FZ series. Moreover, New Yamaha FZ FI has taken it up to the next level of success. Talking about its specification or Yamaha fz Price Company has tried to impress their customers by “paying less and earn more” strategy.

Yamaha FZ FI features and specifications with on road price:

After the launching of Yamaha FZ the core concept behind FI was delivering something different to audiences and then to do so Yamaha Fuel Injection engine, i.e. FI was launched to win hearts. Yamaha FZ FI offers supreme features which can provide a better experience. Moreover, we can say that the performance and efficiency of Yamaha fz is incomparable.

Yamaha FI engine involves high-quality sensors as well as actuators to deliver the safest experience to customers. All these features are just available in Rs. 80,096; thus Yamaha fz Price benefit encourage audiences to purchase. Thus the Yamaha FZ FI on road priceis the main highlight in the automobile industry.


Mileage 53 Kmpl
Engine Displ. 149 cc
Power 13.2 PS @ 8000 rpm
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, 2-Valve, SOHC
Fuel Capacity 12 L
Warranty in India 2 Years or in kms it can be 30,000 kms
Tyre Type Tubeless

The above mentioned Yamaha FZ FI specifications or 2 year warranty has won millions of hearts. Yamaha FZ FI weight is only 133kg with a 149cc engine. Hence it is also named as breathtaking roadster which has steeled ample hearts and ready to add more improvised features. According to engineering point of view, technicians have tried to provide a hemispherical combustion chamber engine for better fuel economy. On the other hand, Yamaha FZ FI Rear Disc Brakes are added to increase the speed or stability.


The list of Yamaha FZ feature is quite long; whether it is about its internal features or macho designing company has tried to make it sporty with superb suspension. Also check Tata Harrier on road price in hyderabad