A word that sends shivers down every teenaged girl’s spine. Not bad shivers, mind you, these shivers are of the good kind, when you feel them, you know that your time to shine is near or more specifically Prom night is near.

A night of fantasies, a night of dreams, a night where you shed the old and bring in the new. It’s a nightyou spend with your friends, a night of laughter and happy tears. It is also a night you slow dance with your special someone with promises of never forgetting their first love. This is a night of wonders.

So, of course it is obvious that a night such as this requires a not just any old dress but a Prom dress that makes you shine in ways you never have before.


The best way of standing out in a crowd is when you put your own flair into what you wear and in doing that you have to go and search and find a vendor that will see your vision of your dress and bring it to life.

Nowadays two piece prom dresses are the best way to make yourself original. These dresses allow you to mix and match between various blouse and skirt cuts, you could have long, flowing, ribbon adorned, sequenced or glitzy skirts and blouses according to your own skin tones. Another thing you could do is contrast the colours between the skirt and the blouse. A red mixed with gold or even a black and white monochrome. Go retro!

The two piece prom dresses can also be customized according to the theme of the Prom. You could go retro, vintage; 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 80’s era. You name it and it can be done. It’s not necessary that you have to get the prom dress fully customized, to cost cut you could even mix and match with the articles of clothing that are already present in the shop.

Your prom dress is sure to stand out if you have the right accessories.

People think creating the perfect prom dress only includes the perfect dress. IT DOES NOT!

Your accessories, your makeup, your hairstyle and shoes also matter because in simple words they complete the look. The best thing to do would be to confirm the dress you are wearing and then buy the jewellery.

A simple hand bangle or a sweetheart necklace with hoop earrings, should do the trick in almost any type of dress. Your makeup should complement the type of dress and the amount of jewellery you are wearing. Make sure that the colours of your dress do not clash with the amount of makeup you are applying on your face. You don’t want to cake your face of course!

The last but not the least step in creating the perfect prom dress is the shoes. My advice is either go for the simple colours in shoes or go completely in contrast. You will definitely have the best prom with the perfect look.