What is the Australia’s Ultimate Down South Road Trip?

Easily one of the top road trip destinations in the world, southern Australia has many sites, activities, and features that keep travelers flooding in by the thousands each year.  The rugged scenery and multitude of outdoor activities are an active road tripper’s dream. Plus, the southern end of Australia has miles upon miles of unspoiled coastline, amazing beaches, lively cities, and great weather. Anyone planning a campervan hire journey in Australia will definitely be missing out to overlook this golden region. The scenery alone is well worth the drive, and travelers can take a leisurely route from beach to beach, stopping in at the many laid back surfer hamlets along the way. This is the Golden Coast in all its glory and it’s an absolute must for Australian road trippers.

Blackwood River Valley

In a region chalk full of scenic driving, Blackwood just may be at the top of the list. These long rolling hills and scenic valleys have long been known as some of the most gorgeous terrain in the South. The Blackwood River runs through this region, offering the opportunity for rafting and waterside hikes. Also recommended is the small town of Nannup, known as “Garden Village”, which has elegantly manicured parks all over its grounds.


A great starting place for your trip will be the great city of Perth, which offers a fine mix of outdoor beauty and urban coolness. The city itself is a thriving, colorful mix of young professionals, artists and hipsters, and surfers. There are plenty of funky boutiques to check out and the eats run the range from fine dining to high rated food trucks. This vibrant town is a fine place to spend several days and the ocean views are stunning. You can easily do a beach day at one of the local public beaches and then spend a night out on the town, which is part of that Perth magic that has been attracting travelers for decades.

Margaret River Wine Region

As the area’s name suggests, some of the best wines to be found in Australia are brewed here. Sample them at one of more of the dozens of wineries lining this region. You also have the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, the stunningly beautiful Karri forest, and a large assortment of galleries and boutiques to browse. This is not to mention the warm, clear waters of Geographe Bay or the public limestone caves in the area. This is the perfect beautiful territory for a leisurely and enjoyable campervan hire journey in southern Australia.

Geographe Region

Here you will be greeted by miles of scenic orchards and even more miles of coastline where you can see schools of dolphins cutting through the waters. There are a great many breweries to be found here, so beer fans will find a lot to be desired, and the shopping is on par with the best in the nation. Don’t forget about Wellington National Park either, which lies in the area and offers a diverse and beautiful terrain to explore.

Great Southern

Just a short drive from Perth, Great Southern is a fine destination to head next. The road will take you through some quant, gorgeous towns that may prove irresistible, so make sure to schedule in some time for unexpected stops. The Great Southern region itself is home to the stunning Stirling Range National Park, which is a must in wildflower season, and Porongurup National Park where panoramic views of the region await. There are also many miles of undeveloped coastline which many have claimed to be some of the most gorgeous stretches of coast in the world. Needless to say, the Great Southern region is essential for any traveller looking to gain a true perspective on what makes Australia’s southern coast so enticing.

Southern Forests

This is the region where your trip will begin to really feel like an Australian adventure. All it will take is one stroll along the Valley of the Giants to see that you have entered the wonderland. Make sure to take a swim in the bay at Greens Pool, and sample some of the freshest produce and wines produced anywhere. The coastal roads in this region are highly recommended, as the contrast between the ocean and the surrounding forests is a sight to behold. These lush stretches of dense forest aren’t just for show either. This is some of the best hiking territory anywhere in the world, offering epic views and diverse terrain. Make sure to look up some local trails and to set aside the time to experience them.

For anyone planning a campervan hire road trip in Australia, make sure that you keep southern Australia near the top of your list. This wondrous region has long been known as one of the world’s best places for travelers to explore and enjoy.