Douche while pregnant, avoid it

Douche while pregnant, avoid it

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in life of a woman and there are many dos and donts for a pregnant woman in order to make the delivery safe. A woman can carry her day to day routine while she is pregnant but there are some activities which are strictly prohibited. A pregnant woman should always take expert advice about what to do and what not to do in pregnancy.

Douche while pregnant, a strict no no

There may be some ladies who may be thinking to douche while pregnant, but it is a strict no in pregnancy. Douching means cleaning of vagina with help of water or any other liquid generally by spraying the fluid via a tube that is then put inside the vagina.This is truly not safe while you are pregnant as it may hurt the vagina, it is a delicate part of your body and it may really affect your baby in the womb. It is really not safe to do during pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant then you should not go for douche. You may be at a risk of having ectopic pregnancy.  If you douche while you are pregnant, you may have an early labour.

Other related health disorders

This is not just about your pregnancy but there is also a risk of vaginal diseases. You may also get infection in vagina. A study also says that douche is linked with a large number of infections along with many kinds of genital diseases. You may also get some dangerous diseases like cervical cancer or HIV. One study also found out that vaginal douches can increase a women’s contact to phthalates. Phthalates are some chemicals utilised in order to make the plastic and vinyl soft. . Phthalates are closely related to behavioural disorders in kids who were contacted while they were in the womb.

Why would anyone douche?

You must be really thinking why would truly anyone douche? You must be also thinking can you douche when pregnant. One research says that many of women learn in from their mothers and they think it is a sign of hygiene.  The fact about this process is that it really interferes with the regular balance between bad and good bacteria that is present in vagina.

What to do

If you are really concerned about your vaginal hygiene then you can wash it thoroughly with help of warm water. You can do this while you are taking a bath.  The vagina also cleans itself and it will not really feel like a flower or will smell good all the time. You can clean your vagina on your own but if you notice a thick vaginal discharge then you must take a medical help. You must see if the vaginal discharge is having a bad odour or a burning sensation, these symptoms say that you need an expert advice. Keeping your vagina clean is not really a big deal.

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