How genuinely surprise someone who is absolutely in love with cats?

How to genuinely surprise someone who is absolutely in love with cats?

Are you a cat lover? Well, if you are not and you are looking for some amazing gifts for your cat lover friend, then this post is for you. Cat lovers love things which are graphical looks alike of cats or which includes some graphical visualization such as photos, printings or portraits of cats. You can select any simple gifts like a handbag, wallet, slippers, phone-case even it could be as simple as a cat photo printed mug which will definitely impress your cat lover friend. Let’s have a look in more ideas like that.

A Cat printed Mug:

One of the simplest ideas is to gift your cat lover friend a cute cat printed Mug. Definitely, it is affordable to anyone in small range gifts. Your friend shall be thrilled to have a cup of tea with such a cute cat printed Mug. It is a unique gift for cat lovers.

Cat slippers:

When we are in home or relaxing, we prefer slippers as casual footwear. As we use it often in our daily basis , it would be a unique gift for cat lover friend

Cat printed handbag or wallet:

Well, we all know how our handbags or wallet are related to our daily routine. Wherever we go most probably this is the thing we never want to forget taking. What if you can gift your cat lover friend such a beautiful cat printed handbag or wallet! Surely, it is a great idea to make her happy.


Can you imagine a day without your headphones? Probably not. How it is to choose a cat-like designed headphone for your cat lover friend? Undoubtedly it’s great. Maybe she’d remember you with mesmerizing music with her cat designed headphones.


Another most important gadget in our daily basis is our phone-case for our expensive phone’s safety. Whatever brand of phone we are using but a phone case gives us a custom taste of our choice. And a cat lover would definitely love such a phone case which includes cat like designs in it.

Cat rings

It is the most impressive gift you can give to your cat lover friend, a cat designed ring. Here, you have various budget ranges to choose a cat designed ring for your cat lover friend, such as you can select a gold ring or alternatively you can choose a diamond one instead of gold. As we know that rings mean a lot to the person you want to impress then why thinking twice!

Car printed t-shirts:

T-shirts often carry important messages about what you like, believe or your choices. A metallic lover wears metallic t-shirts, science lovers make custom t-shirts of their interest. As a cat lover, one would definitely love t-shirts with cat photos. You can make a custom t-shirt with a cat design or buy a cat designed t-shirt for your cat lover friend.

 Furniture and toys for cats:

If you want to truly impress a cat lover, you also can think about some fancy furniture for her cat. There are cat scratcher lounges, cave bed etc. for the cats available in the market. Toys for cats: Cats often loves to play with toys. And for impressing cat lover you may need to impress her cat sometimes by giving toys for cats. There are various kinds of toys available for cats in the market.


It is kind of tough to understand what can make a cat lover happy if you are not one yourself. To make your job easier, these were simple but effective gift ideas for your cat lover friend. As a cat lover, I believe it would make very delighted your cat lover friend if you buy gifts for her cat. These gifts vary in the price range so you can choose your desired one according to your budget.

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