Peter Max – Taking Pop Art to New Levels Across the Globe!

Pop Art culture has been popular in the UK and the USA for over 50 years. This form of art appeals to both the young and old. It inspires a lot of individuals because it uses vibrant styles, different patterns, and forms. One might find these forms of pop art on prominent consumer brand labels and other items that are linked to music.

Peter Max- An iconic name in the field of pop art

Peter Max is no stranger in the pop art world. Since, 50 years, he has been creating some of the most iconic and inspirational pieces of art for global masses. He has been working on many music and environmental themes for decades. He has covered the pop culture of the 1960s to 1970s in the USA in a detailed way. When he paints, he pays a lot of attention to details and colors. His works are so famous that they have been displayed in major galleries and museums across the world. Since children, he has been inspired by his mom and dad to take up painting. Millions across the world have appreciated his work. If you visit his Facebook Page, you will come across his exotic works of art. He has been the official artist for 6 Grammy Awards, the NHL All-Star Game, Winter Olympics, the popular reality show in music- The Voice, etc. If you take a look at some of the outstanding artwork in the field of pop art, most of them have been created by Peter Max.

Amazing artwork that has stolen hearts

He has created some amazing pieces of pop art that have stolen hearts from across the world. He was raised in Shanghai and was influenced by a Buddhist Monastery early in life. He took an interest in astronomy as well, and most of his works have stars, the sun, the moon and planets in his work. He is also famous for painting The Statute of Liberty in over 50 ways. Each way has a different angle and meaning to it. He is also known for his paintings of The Beatles. He was good friends with them and so painted them in different ways. Agents and representatives of galleries state that art lovers from across the world always visit his shows.

Though being famous for pop art in the USA, Peter Max has also contributed to the environment as well. He has used his works of art to raise awareness about protecting the world and its natural resources. He experienced a wake-up call in 1969 with the oil spill in Santa Barbara- one of the biggest in the history of USA. This was a rapid turning point for the USA and attention was drawn to environmental pollution as well as the need for recycling waste materials for the protection of the Earth. His works on this theme have been as popular as his works in the field of pop art. People from all walks of life have appreciated his artwork in this field too!

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